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LETS GO Boys and Girls, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving communities in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, announced David Chiles as their new CEO. Founder and current CEO, Dr. Clark “Corky” Graham, will step down from his CEO role effective October 1, 2023. Dr. Graham will remain on the board of directors and work directly on fundraising initiatives. Mr. Chiles currently serves as the COO and Acting Workforce Development Director.

Dr. Graham shared his excitement about the leadership change: “We are delighted to announce David Chiles as our next CEO. This is the right move at the right time for the sustainability and growth of LETS GO. Our leadership team is the strongest it’s been in 14 years. David brings extensive experience as a senior executive in the Federal government and demonstrates great passion for our mission to serve underserved and marginalized students and families.”

Bob Kavetsky, Board Chair, remarked, “The LETS GO Board of Directors is excited about David Chiles assuming the reins as CEO. Dr. “Corky” Graham will continue to be actively involved, primarily in raising funds and developing a more expansive Board of Directors.”

Mr. Chiles stated, “It is a privilege to step into the CEO role during this pivotal time of growth for LETS GO. I am deeply committed to extending our impact by providing even more students from underserved communities with the tools they need for a future in STEM. We're set to make a transformative impact with exciting new programs on the horizon and by strengthening collaborations between our dedicated team members, partners, and communities. Our most remarkable achievements will come from working together and unlocking the incredible potential in every individual we serve.”

Founded in 2009, LETS GO Boys and Girls is dedicated to ensuring access to STEM learning for all students, equipping a diverse, skilled workforce ready to take on the challenges of the 21st Century. LETS GO intentionally and systematically disrupts the inequity in STEM education in ways that provide equitable opportunities and access for all learners. LETS GO provides out-of-school STEM experiences, workforce development, apprenticeships, and internship opportunities for youth in K-12 grades, and young adults ages 18-24. LETS GO partners with Title 1 Schools and Community-Based Organizations in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, and Washington DC.

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America as a country is aware of disparities in quality and scope of education among communities and school systems throughout the nation.  Government funding for education is  limited, especially in low-income communities, and is often not sufficient to provide all students all the learning resources they need.  The solution is for nonprofits, churches, and private individuals to contribute to the education of students in their communities.  Each contributor donates what they are able in the way that they are able.  Nonprofits are able to supplement in-school education with out-of-school learning experiences that enhance students’ understanding of in-school subject and academic performance. 

Here at LETS GO Boys and Girls, Inc., we are driven to do our part in making the world a better place. Since 2009, we have taken part in a wide range of activities that empower youth and instructors in STEM learning in their communities. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.

Our Mission

Create economic success for underserved and marginalized communities through STEM education and workforce development.

Our Solution



Science, Technology, Engineering, and Technology--also known as STEM--drive our economy in this information age. LETS GO recognizes the importance of engaging students early and continuously.  With endless real-world applications, informal STEM learning expereinces help students engage in project-based learning in a team environment, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and practice risk taking and perseverance while learning.



Our Workforce Development Program fosters meaningful social-emotional learning and 21st-century workforce skill development—critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, technology literacy, flexibility, leadership, initiative, persistence, productivity, and social skills--to prepare youth for STEM careers.   


Our Impact

To date


Total Number of Youth Served


Total Number of Learning Experiences


Total number of Unique Youth


Total number of Sites

How We Work

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Evaluating our Success

LETS GO uses the Result-Based Accountability (RBA) method of measuring its success at meeting its goals.

We use the three RBA questions to determine if we are meeting our goals and impacting the communities we serve.

How much did we do?

How well did we do it?

Is anyone better off?

LETS GO partners with PEAR, Inc. to develop and maintain meaningful performance measures and metrics.

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