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Curricula Supported

STEM activities as early as kindergarten. LETS GO programming begins with students in kindergarten. It engages them in hands-on, minds-on, project-based STEM activities in an out-of-school environment in elementary and middle school. LETS GO has developed 30+ hands-on/minds-on curricula covering science, engineering, robotics, and computer programming to engender students’ STEM interest and STEM identity where they internalize: “I like STEM”, “I can do STEM”, and “STEM is important to me.”

3D Design With Tinkercad

5th to 12th grades

BricQ Motion Essential | LEGO Education

K to 5th grades

BricQ Motion  Prime | LEGO Education

5th to 9th grades

Code Studio-Computer Science Fundamentals |

K to 8th grades

Ecology Academy | LETS GO

1st to 8th grades

EV3 Robotics Academy | LEGO Education

4th to 8th grades

Engineering Adventures | Engineering is Elementary

1st to 7th grades

Engineering Everywhere | Engineering is Elementary

3rd to 8th grades

Engineering is Elementary | Engineering is Elementary

K through 8th grades

FIRST ® LEGO® League Discover | FIRST and LEGO

K to 1st grade

FIRST ® LEGO® League Explore | FIRST and LEGO

2nd to 4th grades

FIRST ® LEGO® League Challenge| FIRST and LEGO

4th through 9th grades

FIRST® Tech Challenge | FIRST and LEGO

7th through 12th grades

Girls Who Code

3rd through 12th grades

Junior Engineers and Scientists Series [JESS] Volumes 1 & 2 | LETS GO

K through 2nd grades

LETS GO Code: Arduino | LETS GO

5th through 12th grades

LETS GO Electro! | LETS GO

6th through 12th grades

Magic? No, It’s Science!

1st through 6th grades

Make It Work! Hands-On Engineering| LETS GO

6th through 12th grade

Machines and Mechanisms: Early Simple | LEGO Education

K and 1st grade

Machines and Mechanisms: Simple Machines | LEGO Education

2nd through 4th grades

Science Olympiad

5th through 10th grades

Scratch/Scratch, Jr.

K through 8th grades

SeaPerch| Office of Naval Research, Science, and Technology

5th through 8th grades

Simple Science and Everyday Engineering [S²E²] Volumes 1 & 2 | LETS GO

4th through 8th grades

Snap Circuits

2nd through 10th grades

SPIKE Essential | LEGO Education

K through 5th grades

SPIKE Prime | LEGO Education

4th through 10th grades

STEM2Home: Explore Boxes |LETS GO

K through 6th grades

Unplugged STEM Puzzles and Games | LETS GO

K through 5th grades

WeDo 2.0 Academy | LEGO Education  *

2nd through 8th grades

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