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LETS GO'S IMPACT 2009-2023










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Partners Sites for SY 22-23

​Cherry Hill Elementary School                                      Moravia Park Elementary School
Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle                            Northwood Elementary School
School                                                                         Oliver Recreation Center
Govans Elementary School                                          Patterson High School
Graceland Park Elementary/Middle                              Robert C. Marshall Rec Center
School                                                                         Rosemont Elementary School
Gwynn Falls Elementary/Middle School                       St. Ignatius Loyola Academy
Harlem Park Recreation Center                                    Towanda Recreation Center
Holabird Academy Elementary &                                  Walter P Carter Elementary/Middle School
Middle School                                                              Westport Academy
Johnston Square Elementary School                           Wolfe Street Academy
Lakeland Community & STEAM Center
Lakeland Elementary/Middle School


Wolfe Spike Essential.jpg

Designed a workforce development STEM program for Next One Up implemented in the fall of 2023.

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Custom STEM curriculum created for Baltimore City Recreation & Parks engaging youth across the city in hands-on minds-on engineering projects.


2022 - 2023 MILESTONES

Spring 2023

Over 400 students across the city are engaged in LETS GO hands-on minds- on STEM learning experiences.

  • At our new partnership with BCCC-Refugee Youth Project at Moravia Elementary, the instructor is a Patterson High School Senior who participated in the BCCC-RYP LETS GO summer program in 2022.

  • Be on the lookout for the Baltimore City Recreation and Parks Cardboard Construction Challenge designed by LETS GO

  • Elementary school students in the Y of Central Maryland Afterschool programs are digging into environmental science and thinking like engineers as they develop solutions to real-world challenges

  • Our scholars at Baltimore Curriculum Project After School Programs (Govans and Wolfe Street) are experimenting with forces and motions as they plan and conduct investigations using LEGO BricQ Motion Essential and LEGO Spike Essential

Summer 2023

We are busy working with new and current partners to prepare for summer STEM experiences that engage young people in hands-on investigations of STEM concepts while contributing to their literacy, math and social-emotional development. 

Partner Testimonial:

“With the support of the LETSGO team we were able to implement high quality curriculum and give students opportunities to engage with “Light Up the Night'' and “Recycled Racers.” Originally we allowed students to pick from 4 different rotations where they would engage in 2 of the 4 throughout the summer; however, after the first week of programming- staff and students were so excited about the curriculum we decided to give all students the opportunity to engage with the curriculum. This meant LETSGO had to order more materials to support all students at Cherry Hill - and it was worth it! The Cherry Hill summer team raved about having LETSGO and are eagerly hoping that they will be able to support our afternoon STEAM programming next summer.”


“As a partner at Lakeland Elementary/Middle school and now Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School, LETSGO has provided engaging curriculum, staff professional development, and community building in a way that is nothing short of a value- add to our programming. Their team joined our team early in the planning stages of summer programming to ensure program quality and cohesion- signs of a true partner. It’s difficult to imagine what summer without LETSGo would look like!”

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