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Hear from our Stakeholders

2022-2023 School Year

School Teacher

2/2023, New Principal of Rosman Middle School, Julie Queen:  "Students struggle with vocabulary, but the hands-on activities make topics easier to conceptualize.  I Love the challenges; they encourage students to critical think. There are a lot of real-life aspects that in a book you don't get to make those connections to...Coming from the classroom I like that it's all there. You don't have to find the materials or resources. From classroom perspective that's very helpful."


10/1/2022, C. Joyner, OST Program Director, Baltimore, Wolfe Street Academy:  "The kids really loved the LETS GO curriculum last year and so far 5th grade is enjoying it thoroughly. I was observing their class last week and the students were so excited and looking forward to the different units that were to come."

8/12/2022, Fabio Fuentes, Instructor, Anne Arundel Country, Marshall Hope Learning Center: "This was my first teaching experience but I appreciate all of the resources I had to better teach the students. I think the age group is great for this subject because teachers can gauge which students have a peak of interest on the topic of circuits but does not exclude those who are more interested in a different subject."  ([Fabio taught LETS GO Electro to middle-high school students Summer 22).

8/3/2022, Anonymous, Program Manager, Anne Arundel County:  "Students were very engaged and curious. They have never had the opportunity to do that over the summer camp."

7/6/2022, Bruce Lesh, Director of Social Studies, Science, Environmental Literacy, and Disciplinary Literacy, Division of Curriculum, Instructional Improvement and Professional Learning, MSDE, Baltimore:  "Thank you for all your efforts to provide Baltimore City students with the very best robotics education.  We look forward to working with you as you continue to move your robotics initiatives forward."

6/27/2022, Anonymous, Program Manager, NC:  "Student interactions with the Science curriculum at Rosman Middle School has drastically increased with the implementation of LET'S GO Boys and Girls here at school. Student understanding and growth is palatable every time I go into the Science classroom and students are engaged in the LET'S GO curriculum. From a leadership perspective, I could only encourage LET'S GO into as many Science classrooms as possible."

6/17/2022, Anonymous, Program Manager, Washington, DC:  "LETS GO is a fun partnership. STEM brings the youth together. It's always exciting to see our participants engage in the activities, especially those who aren't initially excited. There are times when a couple of participants may not want to engage and once the others are participating, they watch and peek over the shoulders, pretending not to care and before you know it, they are all hands on actively engaged with the activity. Asking questions, laughing out loud and enjoying science. This is why STEM is important. :-)"

6/16/2022, Anonymous, Baltimore:  "Gosh, the students were so into the Lego We-Do program. Even parents would stay for class and would talk about how their child can't wait to come to class. We are sad it's discontinued, but are excited to see what Lego program we bring in next!"​

6/15/2022, Ana Z, Program Manager, Baltimore Lakeland Community and STEAM Center:  "Debbie and Amanda were not only program providers, but also thought partners, allies, and problem solvers. We could always count on them and their team to bring engaging content for out students which was well planned, tailored to our needs, and challenging for our learners. It has been great seeing younger team members, like Ellin and Saam, grow into their positions under the guidance or senior staff. I was lucky to have LETS GO's partnership at Lakeland, and I would definitely want to work with them again.

6/14/2022, Anonymous, OST Program Leadership, Baltimore:  "The trainings they provide to the instructors doesn't just help the LETS GO program, they provide tools that helps the instructors in every aspect of they career and the material is enjoyable."

6/13/2022, YCM Program Associate, Baltimore:  "Appreciate Carnell, Amanda, and Debbie's efforts in supporting the organization by providing strategies to recruit staff as the organization experienced staffing challenges. They even offered the opportunity to speak with principals to meet the staffing needs of the program."

6/13/2022, B. Kwaw, Principal, Baltimore Govans Elementary:  "LETS GO is one of the biggest "selling" point for our after school program."

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