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LETS GO offers a variety of activities and events that serve youth and their families

Community Engagement

Invite community to event and offer hands-on activities and career information possibly school choice information. Help to engage the community to value STEM. The community understanding the value of STEM activities and pathways for students in their community helps further establish the identity for the students and the community overall. Think of it like understanding the value of a sports team for a community.

Family Engagement

These events offer a space for students to share their passion with their families by engaging in a hands-on build or experiment together. The STEM topic is disuses by a subject matter expert and the value of STEM education is an emphasis. Building the value with in a family for STEM helps students solidify their own STEM Identity.

We find the family engagement events also offer families, who may be unfamiliar or intimidated by STEM the chance to ‘get in the mix’ and learn what STEM is and how fun and important it is for future generations.

Pop-Up STEM Day

These events bring students, families, and STEM professionals together to engage in hands-on STEM builds and discuss STEM careers. The builds are led by a STEM professional with an emphasis on STEM concepts and how the build relates to the professional's job. Building STEM content and career knowledge are key focuses of a Pop-Up STEM Day event.

Guest Speaker – General

Coordination of STEM professionals to speak to students.

Speakers can do demonstrations or projects with students as well.

Professionals from STEM industry such as Electrical Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Computer Science Experts, Medical Professionals, Industrial Industry, and More

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