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Activities & Curricula Supported

STEM Scholars. LETS GO identifies students with a strong interest in STEM and designates them as “LETS GO STEM Scholars” to expand their STEM commitment through more direct engagement. STEM Scholars participate in competitive STEM teams (FIRST robotics, SeaPerch robotics, Science Olympiad), school choice workshops for students and parents, career workshops with STEM professionals, and field trips to STEM centers of excellence. LETS GO STEM Scholars are well along their Pathway to Success.

3D Design With Tinkercad

5th through 12th grades

BricQ Motion  Prime | LEGO Education

5th through 9th grades

FIRST ® LEGO® League Challenge| FIRST and LEGO

4th through 9th grades

FIRST® Tech Challenge | FIRST and LEGO

7th through 12th grades

LETS GO Code: Arduino | LETS GO

5th through 12th grades

LETS GO Electro! | LETS GO

6th through 12th grades

Make It Work! Hands-On Engineering| LETS GO

6th through 12th grade

Science Olympiad

5th through 10th grades

Scratch/Scratch, Jr.

K through 8th grades

SeaPerch| Office of Naval Research, Science, and Technology

5th through 8th grades

Simple Science and Everyday Engineering [S²E²] Volumes 1 & 2 | LETS GO

4th through 8th grades

Snap Circuits

2nd through 10th grades

SPIKE Prime | LEGO Education

4th through 10th grades

WeDo 2.0 Academy | LEGO Education  *

2nd through 8th grades

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